GMB Fitness Online Training Programs


GMB’s online fitness programs are a wonderful way for you to develop physical autonomy through guided video tutorials you can do virtually anywhere. The online programs range from basic bodyweight movement to advanced gymnastics.

GMB has made a tremendous impact on my physical wellbeing and has helped me feel more freedom in my body with much less pain. Their framework helps you develop overall strength, flexibility, and motor control. The balance of these three capacities is crucial to helping you move better in your body.


Foundational Programs



The perfect introduction to bodyweight movement using primarily animal movement patterns.


Vitamin Movement Course

Specifically designed to help you improve your body control through novel movement patterns. You’re going to have some fun with this!

Integral Strength

Build dynamic strength through a structured progression of bodyweight exercises over the course of an 8 week period.


Focused Flexibility

A customizable program with detailed assessments to help you improve your range of motion and mobility in the areas that are most needed for you.