Training Services

Personal Training

If you want to get in shape, get stronger, and feel healthier, Naushad's personal training sessions will help you do just that. One on one training is great if you need individual attention and accountability. You will be challenged to meet your goals while also exploring playfulness, which I believe to be truly important in your transformation.  

Injury Recovery & Corrective Exercise

Are you dealing with nagging pain or still in the process of fully recovering from an injury? If so, Naushad can help you get back on track. He has over 15 years of experience going through physical therapy and therapeutic exercise to rehab injuries from head to toe. Training will be focused on alignment and correcting muscular imbalances that are a very common source of pain. Once you are able to function with less pain, training will progress to getting you stronger and in better shape.

Sports Performance Training

Are you trying to make it to the next level in your sport? Do you want to get fit for an upcoming race or event? Naushad's experience as a Division I athlete taught him what it takes to intelligently push yourself to perform better. Training will be catered to getting you in shape for the demands of your specific sport and role. 

Partner/Group Training

If you don't have specific individual injuries, you can train with a partner or in a small group. Sometimes it helps to have the extra motivation to get you or your friends back into shape. 

Additional Services

Online Appointments - New Offering!

Are you always on the go? Is meeting in person difficult, but you need accountability and a plan to help you meet your goals? A virtual 1:1 session may offer you a more flexible and efficient way to help you stay on track and stay healthy. 


What will we do in the first session?

Before we meet, we'll discuss your goals and review any current physical limitations over the phone. During the first session, the training will consist of an initial assessment of your posture, strength, and conditioning to gauge your current level so we can set achievable goals. 

What is a typical session like?

Training sessions vary based on what your current needs and goals are. Generally, we will work on a combination of strength, mobility, control with a focus on what you need based on your assessment. Naushad uses a variety of modalities based on his experience with:

  • Bodyweight movement and locomotive training

  • Weight training (mainly with free weights and kettlebells)

  • Yoga

  • Physical therapy

  • Sports training (agility and plyometric work)

Where are training sessions?

Training sessions are usually in the comfort of your own living room, gym, or local outdoor space.