Why I started this blog

About 8 months ago, I jumped off a metaphorical cliff. I decided to leave a tech job and pursue a career helping people get their health on track. While I’m still figuring out exactly what I want to do in the health and wellness world, I’ve realized that I truly enjoy working with people to improve their health and recover from injuries.   

Although it was very difficult to leave a company that I enjoyed working for and a community of awesome people, my reason for changing careers was straightforward when I thought about my personal mission. I want to help people heal and help them to do things they enjoy without pain or dysfunction.

Most of this originates from my own personal experiences with injury and chronic pain. Ever since I was young, I’ve been prone to injury and at times, pretty unlucky. I’ve had enough emergency room visits to make anyone’s jaw drop (sorry mom and dad) and enough surgeries to make me never want anesthesia again. During my high school and college years, I played soccer competitively and I taught myself to push through a lot of pain. Sure, it helped me at the time to reach some of my goals, but now I regret the damage I did to my body.

Throughout my time recovering from injury, I developed a strong interest in how the body works and how we can treat several injuries through corrective exercise. I started following dozens of fitness websites and YouTube channels, and I’ve learned a lot from health practitioners along the way.  With this blog, my goal is to provide you with useful content related to health and fitness that’s based on my research and personal experience, and in turn, I hope to help you live more fully and with less pain.

Cheers to good health and happy reading!